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Nairobi, January 07 , 2009

The Kenya Communications (Ammendment) Act

President Mwai Kibaki has today directed the Attorney General and the Minister for Information and Communication to study amendments members of the media have proposed made to the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act, 2008 and the Kenya Communications Act 2008.

The President was responding to a letter, from the Chairman of the Media Owners Association Mr. Linus Gitahi, appealing to the President to consider proposed amendments on the two Acts.

In his response, the President says he has noted concerns by the media regarding the Kenya Communications (Amendment) Act 2008 and the Kenya Communications Act 2008 and asked the A.G. and the information and Communications Minister to study the proposed amendments and consult with the media representatives.

The President has further directed that the Attorney General and Minister for Information and Communications should bring appropriate recommendations on the proposed amendments to the cabinet for consideration.




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