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Ministry of Housing


  • Housing Policy
  • Housing Finance.
  • Shelter and Slum Improvement.
  • Appropriate Low cost Housing Building and Construction Technologies.
  • National Secretariat for Human Settlements.
  • Housing for Civil Servants and Disciplined Forces.
  • Management of goverment Housing.
  • Leasing of Public Office Accomodation.
  • Housing for Constitutional office Holders.
  • Rent Restriction Tribunal.
  • National Housing Corporation (NHC).
  • Housing Finance Company of Kenya Ltd.
  • Hon. Petre Soita Shitanda, M.P.
Assistant Ministers
  • Hon Bishop Margaret Wanjiru Kariuki, M.P.
Permanent Secretaries
  • Mr. Tirop Kosgey
Contact Information
Ardhi house, Ngong Road
P.O. Box 30450 - 00100, Nairobi
Tel. 2718050
Fax: 2721248
Telegrams: "LANDS"